Playing on UB2

I am seriously considering starting to play on UB2. I looked at the platform but find the tools there not quite user friendly. In particular I am completely missing any tutorial there. Maybe I just did not look for it long enough and missed it somehow. Are there any written guideslines how to play KoW there.

Hobby Sauce made a tutorial. :slight_smile:

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What is the interface like?
Do I need a mouse or can I use a laptop trackpad?

Thanks, I will have a look at it.

laptop trackpad works fine, you might just find it takes a bit of getting used to.

To be honest, I find the interface quite easy to use.

There are a few basics to grasp, and once you have that down then it is pretty easy to get going.

The Hobby Sauce video is also on UB2 home page, just scroll down a bit. Gives a fairly straight forward tutorial on how it works and is specifically for KoW games

Hmmm, I tried it out tonight and was not able to put a Treeherder unit on the board as I did not find a way to fix the unit base to 50x50mm. The best I could do was make the unit from 4 dryads (2 rows, 2 columns). In the video I saw that it is possible to set how large a single model is but I am not sure if it is possible without paying for the pro version. Maybe I am just missing something …

Maybe @MiSiO_1 can provide some info, he has been posting some UB bat reps. :slight_smile:

Oh there are people reading my stuff. :smiley:

You can make Your own units only in a PRO mode.

Thanks for answering my query. I have already realized that one really needs the pro version to get the ball rolling. Most likely I will buy it soon.

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I have already got a pro account on UB2 and had my first game there, but for those who may still look for a guidance on how to play KoW on UB2, I found that Mantic put a nice intruductory article about UB2 on their blog.