Point size for games

Hi there, fairly new and just trying to decide on the size of games. Is there a standard? Watching a fair few battle reports and 2300 seems to be the norm. Coming from warhammer where 2000 is the usual size of game, this seems like an odd number. Any particular reason?


Most UK tournaments are about 2000 points. Some US ones seem to have drifted to 2300 so you can get lots of goodies on the table. I’ve seen 1500 points done but it looks too small to me

At home I usually do 2500 - 3000 points for a nice 3 hour game. As a starter though 2000 is an achievable target to get bought / painted and can be played in 2 hours

Between 1500 and 2500.
2000 is still standard in my opinion. Yes, 2300 is a current trend but some are also playing at 1995 to limit duplicates of war engines and monsters.

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People like to mix it up and Americans like to have things a little bigger.

I prefer 2000 personally, nice big game, but you have to think about what makes it in and can’t get away with as much spam.

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Thinking about it, 1995 is probably ideal for balanced games, limiting the power spam builds a little.

1500 is also great for getting games in while still the army is being painted, you can leave the low point units that take ages to paint until the end and push the points with heroes/monsters/large infantry and magic items to get the games in.