Portable Paint Station

I treated myself with a portable Paint Station from warmage.de. It seems to be a gigantic puzzle for adults.:thinking:

I’ll use it as a permanent storage solution.
I took the large GW version.
I’ll keep you updated.


Ooooo! I’ve seen a few things like this before but never one as cool as this…

I super do NOT need this… but do I NEED it anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I ‘need’ it in a way. We move and have a quite minimalistic approach on interior design. I want a nice, clean hobby place that can be stored away. I hope this’ll do.


The large one with light setup looks amazing. Please let us (me) know if it works well for you, the missus might appreciate it if I could pack up my paint station to keep things neater haha


I‘ve got the dropper version a year ago and I am still very happy with it.

But building it took some evenings.


My wife certainly does! In fact it’s the first hobby product she really likes.

Here’s what I put up after one evening:

@Garuses: Good to hear!

That’s exactly the one I got.


I put up three drawers last night:

They alone would fit 48 GW colours.


I had some time to further build the paint station after moving. I got to say, it’s an impressive piece, very precise but a pain to build😉.

Too bad that the normal paint holders can’t fit the large GW pots. But there are enough drawers to put them somewhere.


Finished! It’s quite a nice workspace. I’m not going to store it away every night, but from time to time, so it fits perfectly for my ‘hobby needs’. I can understand if someone prefers a more ‘durable’ hobby area.

PS: My wife loves that there aren’t colours around all the time! :wink:


It took me 9min. to set it up.

I even found a way to fit the large 24ml pots from GW.