Prague Open, February 22-23, 2020

There is a chance we could join Prague Open GT in February 2020. Our realistic estimate is that about 10 Czech players could attend. Would you or anyone else from your community be interested in coming. We feel that it would not make sense for us to make a KoW section at this highly international event without foreign participants. Though, if at least some foreign players were interested, we would go for it, so let us know what you think.

It is tempting :smiley: I’d have to convince the Mrs, but maybe… let me check also with the local group what they think! It would be more fun to join with a few other players

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Thanks a lot for your interest! Our problem is that our community is really low on numbers, so we would really need some players from abroad to join the event. Currently, you are the only foreign player interested, so it is still no go for us. Though, if let’s say 4 of you could come I think it would be a possiblity. The problem also is we are running out of time as the event is in two months, so we should make the decision soon. Anyway, even if not joining the event any KoW players visiting Prague would be welcome in our community for some games and beer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Alright then, I suppose it wont be this time that 4 berliners travel to prague to play kow! Sometime in the future I still hope it will happen :slight_smile:

Thanks at least for considering to come. In the end we decided not to join the Prague Open, but if KoW player base increases in our area we may do so some year in the future.

Berlin and Prague are not that far, there is quite good train connection and I guess some buses too. If you by chance organize a KoW event in Berlin, just do not hesitate to let us know … :wink:

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