Primovantia Invicta - Roman themed KoM

so i finally got started on my army. i’ve got enough figures now for a 1000pt force, and my order of bases and basing material finally came in so i might as well get started. decided to build my first troop of sergeants. just playing around with basing positions, riders, horses, decoration, and base are all still separate. (and will be till i can paint them up). that is partly why some of them are tilted at weird angles on the horse.

when done they’ll have big oval shields but i want to paint those seperate, since it’ll make painting easier.

apologies for the pics… couldn’t hook up my lamp, and all i have is my phone to work with.


not having much else to do thanks to social distancing, threw together the figures for the first Footguard of the army. 1/2 of a Horde (also can be used as a single regiment.)
as before, nothing is glued to the base just yet, just checking the fit. i’m going to trim down the ‘puddle’ bases on the feet before final basing so they aren’t as big and annoying.

the other half will be largely mirrored from this, with a Vexillarius instead of the Cornicen, and an Optio (or at least an attempt to depict one) instead of the Centurion in the center.
when combined the Cornicen and Vexillarius form the leaderpoint for the Horde.