Project failed

Sad news I’m afraid.
Red Scar has closed and Mantic is not in a position to take over:

Some talk of a community effort to complete the rules has already started though…

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honestly i’d settle for some effort on mantic’s part to give backers at least some product for their investment, even if just gift certificates to the mantic store or something. myself i didn’t back much (PDF tier and a map poster… the latter of which i’m fairly certain had the art made) but for the people who backed for a bunch of money, a consolation gift certificate is better than nothing.

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as this was not a Mantic KS but from a 3rd party, it is not even sure that Mantic will get access to the necessary data to do so
for handing out gifts certificates, they would need to know who is a backer in the first place, which is not available to anyone but Red Scar Games and Kickstarter, and it is now on KS Admins to decide if they would grant Mantic access to this data or not

with the liquidation process started, there is no access and no giving out anything Red Scar Games has made, until the process is done, and than Mantic might still not get anything, so won’t be even able to send out the work that was done

so what they should or want to do is very different from what they legally can do


It’s not Mantic’s project though and they’re not obliged to do anything.
Anything Mantic does do is a favour.

Even though noone would back a project if they thought it likely; backing a kickstarter is at the risk of that project failing and not delivering anything.
We all knew it going in, even if we dismissed it as unlikely.


Comment from Ronnie on an FB thread:

An update on digital assets…Mantic will share whatever we have in the coming weeks with backers too. We are just trying to get access to the backer info, and sort the pdfs into some semblance of order and rhen we can share what we have. The stls will be made available to backers also.
Not what anyone wanted, but we will try our best to share with the backers whatever exists.


Has anyone got any rules yet? I know the project failed, but Mantic wanted to try and get people all they could get.

I’m (very slowly) building a DungeonSaga campaign (incl a Vanguard finale) and am corious to see ‘non combat skills’ for the different races. Maybe I can build something into the campaign…