Queries about Engaging an Enemy Model

Hi, I’m trying to get my head around the engagement process.
Can you engage any facing of an enemy model, apart from the rear, following a run action as long as you have the movement to allow this accepting that this will not qualify as a charge)?
Am I right in saying that you can only engage the rear of an enemy model if you start your movement in the rear arc?
If at the start of a group assault, all 3 assaulting models have LOS and a clear run at an enemy model but can not all fit into the closest facing, can one engage a different face and still count as charging?

You can move into the rear but do not get the free attack(charge) as far as I recall.

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If you start in the front arc and engage the model in the rear, it probably wouldn’t count as a qualifying charge.

A model can engage a different facing and still qualify as charging so long as all the normal conditions are met (e.g. took the most direct route etc.)


As Fred says, you can run and engage in the rear (even when facing the front at the start of the move) as far as you have enough movement and anticipate that the action will not qualify as a charge. Thus, the answer to your second question (“Am I right …”) is no.

For the group assault/charge it is enough if only the “leading model” has a LOS to the charged model and you can engage at different facings as far as the models have enough movement and the path to the charged model is the shortest one (per charge rules).


Thank you all for your comments.