Questions about converting mantic ogres, and 'popular' parts

Hi there.

I’m looking at converting a bunch of ogres with large crossbows into enslaved guardian archers.

My main concern is how difficult is it too remove the ogre head to replace it completely.

I’ll also need lots of the cross-bow weapons, but I don’t know if those are from the popular ogre shooting unit, or the blunder busses are. I would be hoping to trade for extra cross-bows, but am worried no one will have them.

If anyone had any experience converting ogres from Mantic, I’d love to hear your experiences too.

The Ogre heads are separate pieces so 100% easy to swap out.
Both blunderbuss and crossbow pieces come in the same set, so everyone who made Boomers (most people) should have the crossbows bits left over.

That’s great to know, thanks. Guess I’ll be buying some ogres soon…