Questions from my first tournament/games

Just went to my first tournament to play my first few games of KoW. I had a blast! Playing on a clock was hard and I don’t think I like the double 1 rule.

I went 0-2-1, but didn’t come last which is amazing.

I have a few questions that came up during my games that I feel could have impacted the outcome.

  1. Flyers can go over blocking terrain right? I wasn’t charging.
  2. When I withdraw, can I be within 1 inch so long as my move afterwards ends away from the unit? I was trying to withdraw and fly away, but an individual would have prevented me from going back the full 1 (I could go back 0.8 of an inch).
  3. Can an individual block a flank charge if it means I can’t be completely flush with the charged unit? Would it make a difference if it was mighty?
  4. Can I pivot through blocking terrain if I’m clear by the end of the pivot?

Thanks everyone!

P.S it’s hard to ask questions without feeling like I’m complaining.


Hey Mecha, congrats on attending your first tourney!
I am still pretty new as well but I’ll try to answer your questions.

  1. Yes, flyers can go over blocking terrain. They can charge over blocking terrain if they can see over it (H6 Dragon over a H5 house for example) as long as they have room to fit.

  2. Afaik you just have to finish your move 1" away from other units. Don’t forget you lose fly (and nimble fly if applicable) when you’re disordered.

  3. Individuals can block that charge (you can’t charge what you can’t place!). If the individual is not mighty, you can attempt to charge the individual, kill them, and overrun into the unit’s flank.

  4. Yes you can pivot through blocking terrain as long as you finish your pivot outside of it. It represents units bending their formation to complete maneuvers.
    There is a debate right now as to whether a unit pivoting in the same way through difficult terrain would then be hindered.


Agree with the above, except Withdraw has been FAQ’ed further to that you must Withdraw exactly one inch, and after that you must not be within 1" of any enemies, before continuing to issuing a Move order. So an enemy individual can stop you from performing a withdraw like you suggest.


this might sometimes be possible without withdrawing, if your unit is engaged to the flank and can simply advance or at the double forward, or in the case of a square base unit you can just pivot and move away.
and if you actually had Fly (not disordered) you could just have hopped over the unit without withdrawing first.


Thanks @FredOslow and @Findol!

In regard to the the flying unit, I wasn’t disordered but thought I had to withdraw/disengage before I could move. How do I move out of combat without disengaging (sorry if this seems obvious!)?

I should clarify the individual blocking the flank thing. I was a flyer (3) and I wanted to charge (1). Am I blocked by (2)?


If it helps, my understanding is that you are functionally disengaged from a unit as soon as your turn starts.

Withdrawing and disengaging are different things entirely. In Kings of War, combats don’t carry on to the next person’s turn.

A withdraw is a movement that allows you to create space from the unit that charged you. You are already “disengaged” when you make a withdraw move.

If your unit can move away from the enemy unit without needing to withdraw (a nimble monster for example) you can do so.

If anybody has corrections, please by all means!


In this case, you could definitely make that charge as the flyer.

You just have to make 1mm(ish) of flush contact to make a legal charge. Then you slide over to the blocking individual as much as you can.


correct. to be precise, you dont start your turn disengaged but rather you are allowed to give your units a move order, and some of them will simply cause your unit to disengage from the enemy, such as withdraw, or move back, or even an advance if you are square and can simply pivot and move off. there is no requrement in the rules to create space first, only after.


agree, when you move fliers you can just hold them in the air while moving them, ignoring what is below. then make “contact” and simply put the unit down where it fits, in a place where it is flush and not on top of the individual.


Thanks for the clarification @FredOslow :+1:

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Thanks for this, I think I get it now!

If I move after combat (not counter charge or “halt”) I have disengaged. Withdraw is like a free move you can do before other movement.

This was very helpful!


Yep, but you have to end up 1" or more from the unit you disengaged from, otherwise the move is not allowed. :slight_smile:

For the withdraw to be legal you also need to not be within 1" inch of any enemies after the withdraw (as previously stated)


As I understand it, a “Disengage” is any movement that results in you no longer being in base contact with an enemy unit. You must end up at least 1" away from the enemy unit unless Charging.

A “Withdrawal” is a specific thing you can do before giving an order to your unit. You must move back the full 1". You cannot Withdraw if engaged on multiple facings. You cannot issue an Advance or At The Double order if you Withdraw, but you can Charge. Finally, you cannot end your move closer to the unit you withdrew from than when you started your movement.

I think all of this is correct.


Just to clarify, you can at the double after withdrawing if you fly and are not disordered?

You could also pivot and at the double if you are a square and nimble (not dependent on fly)?

You cannot At the Double or Advance at all if you Withdraw. But if you were not Disordered and can Fly, you don’t have to Withdraw, you can move as normal (including a charge if you can see over the unit you are engaged with) and this is considered a Disengage.

If your unit is square, yes, you can make a 90° pivot and just Advance away, so long as you end your movement out of contact with the unit you were engaged with (Disengaging) and ended at least an inch away from all enemy units. Beware square based Shambling units! They can just walk away (so long as they end 1"+ away) and then be surged into a different unit!

If your unit is a square individual, you can turn 90° or 180° as part of your Individual pivot before giving them an order, so you can Charge a unit that wasn’t initially in your front arc of sight. A cavalry individual can pivot any degree (so long as his corners clear the engaged unit) to move away or charge another unit.

I hope that helps.


It does, thanks!

I really need to read the FAQ more carefully.

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I agree with all that, @TwoWolves :grin:

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Indeed, the FAQ errata on this point is quite transparent, unlike the original text in the rulebook that was really difficult to read and confusing. I still find it a bit complicated that there are two very different ways to disengage but one can live with it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just a clarification, Mighty individuals can also be overrun into another unit. Yielding just lets units ignore the individual for movement purposes, has nothing to do with the overrun.

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Oops thanks for the clarification there @Luke! I don’t think that’s come up in any of my games yet.

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