Questions on Bases in Northern Alliance Army Box

Hello everyone,

I am new to KoW and getting back into wargaming. I bought the following Northern Alliance Box Set

Inside of the box, I was given the following bases:

10x 25mm base: (unknown what its for… can i put clansman models on here for heavy infantry?)
30x 20mm base: (Clansman im assuming)
1x 20mm base loose: (Assuming this is supposed to be for the lord… which should be on a 25mm base according to rulebook. So this perhaps was a mess up?)
1x 50mm base: (for siege wep)
3x 40mm base: (for frost giants)

My Main Problem

Each base is square with a ~15mm x 2mm cylindrical hollowed out area in the middle of the base.

I looked up youtube videos of people putting together KoW miniatures and the miniatures they have, had a round cylinder piece of plastic located directly on the model usually connected to the feet. This cylinder would then fit perfect inside of the bases shown above.

However, as you can see below my models do not have that sort of round cylinder at the feet:

So I feel like these bases are wrong for the models that I got. It makes no sense for these bases to be given out because then I would have to greenstuff basically every single base just to get a normal level base…

Any advice?


The bases you got are mantic’s standard ones - its just that their newer ranges of models don’t have the circular base anymore.

Fill them or turn them over (many need a touch of filing as they are slightly bevelled).

Ice elementals are on 40mm bases, snow trolls on 50mm (in KoW - they may have been on 40mm in Vanguard). The 25mm bases are for the huscarls

Are Huscarls just clansman put onto 25mm bases?

There are PVC huscarl models in the mega army/vanguard set, but not currently available separately AFAIK.

No reason why you can’t use clansmen (they are chunky enough) - just give them a slightly different paint scheme so they stand out clearly

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Thanks for such quick replies.

I have a mega army box also on the way. I just cracked this smaller one open first since it got here a few days quicker. So it looks like I can use the Huscarl models when they get here.

If getting that as well I’d look at making a regiment of huscarls with a mix of both models - the unit is epic.

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I will look into doing exactly that, thanks!

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Just flipping the base over works fine, when they’re all ranked up on a movement tray it doesn’t matter too much about the bevel.

Speaking of ranking the models up, these ones are difficult, so make sure to assemble them so they rank up in a specific order and paint a number underneath the bases to keep them usable. I have 12 on a regiment base and it still looks full!

I just recently got a Northern Alliance starter army, love the models but I think clansmen are better suited on 25mm square bases.

You of course don’t need to use the 25mm square bases and can multi base. It’s what actually makes me love kow. Seeing people’s diorama type bases.