Rampage/Slayer and Duelist


I have a short question about the Rampage/Slayer and Duelist rule. Do I first add the attacks from Rampage and then double with Duelist or is it the other way around?

The Rules for Rampage from the FAQ: “When attacking an enemy unit with the Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Swarm or Cavalry unit type, a unit with the Special Rule gains (n) additional attacks.” (Slayer is the same, only against other unit types)

and Duelist:“While attacking enemy Individuals in Melee, this unit doubles its number of Attacks.”

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Add anything extra then double for duelist. This includes Rampage, extra attacks from Host Shadow Beast, stuff like NA/Varangur extra attacks upgrade

Similarly, if a unit has Slayer/Rampage and will get double/triple attacks from flank/rear charges, total everything then multiple [giant against suitable target getting 8+d6, plus d6 for slayer, can get 60 attacks :wink:]

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Thank you for your reply but where can I find this in the rulebook/faq if I have to argue with someone who doubt how the rules are applied?

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Check out the FAQ/ERRATA


Thank you very much! I did overlook that!

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