Rathnard's Ogres - the Treasure Trollgres

When it comes to building a new army, I’ve discovered that finding a colour scheme that works for me is absolutely vital. If it doesn’t look great, or is too complicated to do then I’m never going to finish that army. It’s why i haven’t yet returned to updating my Forces of the Abyss army for 3rd ed, and it’s why my Ogre army has languished for a year before finally making significant progress on it.

The original inspiration for this army was simply the availability of models. I got a second hand Trollbloods army (from the Privateer Press game “Hordes”) which were the perfect proxies for a Kings of War Ogre army. Unlike my Dwarfs, i knew what colour scheme i wanted to use on these guys - pale skin with yellow as the primary colour. The yellow was, unsurprisingly, a pain in the ass to get right, but I’ve settled on a scheme that i think looks good, and isn’t too difficult to paint a whole army.

For my basing, i wanted to do something completely different from my usual “dirt & rocks” approach, so i decided to go with a dungeon, using mantic bases for the tiles and 3D printed columns to break things up a little.

The colour scheme for the stone tiles took a bit of time to work out. I initially tried a dirty brown look (above) but it didn’t work at all with the rest of the army. I wasn’t happy with black either, so i eventually settled on a grey look with a tinge of purple.

Finally, I’ve been adding treasure piles (from Mantic) to each base for the Ogres to protect. :slight_smile:

So that brings me to now. Since January I’ve gotten about halfway through the army (by points). What’s left are two Hordes of Ogres, a giant and then a whole pile of Goblin rabble. I’m pretty sure the latter is going to take more time than the rest of the army combined! :grimacing:


Something i forgot to mention in the first post…

One of the big things I’ve wanted to do with this project is to make it so the army ranks up together to make its own display board. I’ve seen it done before, most memorably with a graveyard-traversing undead army i once saw online. So I’ve made it my mission to do the same!

This means designing the army list around fitting together as a display board. In the end i settled on a 2000pt and 2300pt army list to work toward. However there’s enough give to enable me to to tweak it to a points value in between, if needed!


some sweet models there, and loving how you have tied them together with the colour scheme pillars etc. Nicely done,

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Big fan of this army, from a Kings of Warmachine standpoint but also because it’s rad and great. I love that the basing is made from spare bases, on top of integrating into one larger scene. Takes a dedicated eye for scale to pull that off, but it’s looking good.

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That’s a great army project! I envy people who work out those awesome basing concepts. I’m really looking forward to the full display!


The purple really does help tie everything together.

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Thanks for the feedback all! My progress on this army has been sporadic, especially since I’m also working on units to add to my Free Dwarf and Imperial Dwarf Armies. But I’m getting more and more excited to work on these as I get closer to completion!

Today I finally got the last MDF bases I needed to fill out the army. It’s mainly an 80x80mm base for my giant, but also a bunch of smaller ones to fill the odd gap in my diorama (there’s thankfully not many). So next job is to glue a million mantic square bases to them so I can finally paint the rest of the multibases en mass.

I’m also thinking about adding a purple carpet down the centre of the army, to add another focal point and break up the endless expanse of stone tiles! I think the best option is to source some real fabric and glue it down, but I’m still thinking about it.

Aaanyway, one of the things I’ve been thinking about is coming up with some backstory for this army. I had a broad theme in mind (underground ogres guarding treasure that holds spiritual significance to them), but nothing too specific.

…until now. :slight_smile:

The Deepkin Guardians

Deep beneath the mountain ranges of Mantica, in the twisting tunnels and caverns that make up the underworld, there lies a vast subterranean realm. This is the domain of the Deepkin Guardians - a sub-race of albino Ogres and their goblin underlings. These hulking creatures are smaller, but more agile and cunning than their surface-dwelling cousins. They are fiercely protective of their underground home and the vast hoard of treasure that they have accumulated there.

For the Deepkin Guardians, the accumulation of treasure is not just a matter of wealth or status. It is a deeply spiritual matter, tied to their beliefs and traditions. The Deepkin believe that the riches they hoard are imbued with divine power, which protects them from the dangers of their underground world and grants them strength in battle. They see themselves as the rightful guardians of this treasure, and they will do whatever it takes to protect it.

The Deepkin’s goblin underlings play an important role in this endeavor. The goblins are their eyes and ears in the tunnels, scouting out new sources of wealth and warning their masters of potential threats. They are also the tribes labor force, digging tunnels and excavating precious gems and minerals from the rock. In exchange for their service, the goblins are allowed to live alongside the Ogres in their underground lairs and share in the spoils of their raids. Treasure stolen from the surface dwellers is treasure now owned by divine right, and that right even extends to the goblins (albiet with hefty “donations” to the Deepkin’s own hoard).

The Ogres and goblins have a symbiotic relationship, but it is not always a peaceful one. The Ogres are prone to fits of rage and violence, and they do not hesitate to use their superior strength to dominate their goblin underlings when they feel that their authority is being challenged. But despite these tensions, the two groups have learned to coexist and work together to achieve their common goals.

For the Deepkin Guardians, the accumulation of treasure is an ongoing quest, one that will never be fully satisfied. They are always on the lookout for new sources of wealth and new challenges to test their strength and cunning. And with each new treasure that they add to their hoard, they become more powerful and more fearsome, solidifying their self-declared status as Masters of the Underworld.

Okay, so to be honest, I actually used OpenAI to write the background, which I then modified to better suit what I was after. It feels a little lazy but hey - i think it turned out alright!