Raven Haxs' undead

I use this awesome GW model. (that I got on a discount) as all of my Titan options for my undead.



that’s a cool model, and you did a nice job on the painting and basing. Do you have any other units done?

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I actually didn’t paint or base this myself do to a severed tendon in my hand. I have a friend who does it for me and I thought it a waste that her work isn’t on here. I don’t have much painted for the undead. But I’ll post the heroes she has done soon.


Raven Hax himself! A Hero Forge model made long age. He is usually used as a lich king, or as Mhorgoth the Faceless when I have the points.

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Krista is put on the field when I need a beat stick hero. She is a gift from a friend of mine so I’m not really sure what line she is from. When tight spaces and measuring is called into question, I have the old Lady Illona ( whom she sometimes moonlights as) model to stand in for her.

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