Regroup move after routing an enemy unit

Let’s say you charge an enemy unit. This charge takes you within 1" of other enemy units than the one you charged, which is allowed. You route them in that melee. Can your regroup move allow you to end within an inch of the other enemy units that you did not charge? So for example, if there is an enemy unit already within an inch of you on your unit’s left. If you move forward d6", and you do not roll high enough to get your regrouping unit at least 1" away from that unit… can you still move forward? Same question but your movement keeps you at the same distance as before (as in you do not move any closer to the unit but are moving parallel).

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Yes, you are allowed to “keep breaking” the one inch rule during and after an overrun/change facing. Only need to be not touching any enemies after the manouvre (stop right out of contact if you were going to make contact with any).

Nearby opponent units then get to use the “if starting their turn with enemies closer than 1 inch” rule in their turn if they start the turn not engaged in melee. (allowed to remain as close or move inside your zone as long as they dont end their turn any closer to you than they started, unless charging of course)
Nearby opponent units who do start their turn in melee will have their options reduced as to what they can perform of disengage moves because of your proximity.


It’s answered in the official Kings of War FAQ (needs free download via the webshop)

Here’s a screenshot:


Thanks so much! Double points for explaining not only the source for the answer but the ramifications of what this means. So awesome :slight_smile: