Resin basing

Hey, so got my Abyssal Dwarfs, and now looking into multibasing… has anybody made a design of a base then cast it in resin? I know for anything bigger than regiment base you would face warping… has anyone done this or wanted to do this?

I’ve not done one for KoW but it’s definitely doable, a lot of companies used to make chariot bases 50mm x 100mm, it’s not too much larger for regiments.

Yeah it’s 100x80 for a regiment, but I’m gonna play around with being able to “connect” two together to make hordes… but obviously make larger sizes for large cavalry regiments and stuff… Got a few ideas was just wondering if it had been done, I’ve worked with Resin before

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I’m favouring embedded magnets these days to snap units together for gaming
I look forward to seeing your work

Yeah I’ve thought about that but not sure if i could get magnets small enough, looking at a 5mm high base size.just got to order a few bits to make the first masters, will possibly try sell direct via Facebook but maybe sell them using Evilbay too (will be cheaper to buy direct but ya know) if i do decide to sell them

1mm high magnets are easy to get and 5*1mm should be enough

and I suggest to cast troop sized bases and a plate (wood or plastic) in regiment or horde size with magnets

Yeah that’s the plan, I intend on doing every size suitable for Kings of War