Riftforged Orcs for Clash of Kings 2023


My List for Clash of Kings 2023.
How do you think it will go ?
I’m predicting 2 wins 4 losses.

Orcs of The Great Keef [2000 / 2000]
~ List Valid ~

Riftforged Orcs [2000]

[Useless Boyz] Unforged Orcs (Heavy Infantry) Regiment (20) [115]
[Worse than Useless Boyz] Unforged Orcs (Heavy Infantry) Regiment (20) [115]
[Tundra Wargs] Tundra Wolves* (Cavalry) Regiment (10) [210]

  • Brew of Strength [30]
    [Elf Hunterz] Helstrikers (Large Cavalry) Horde (6) [280]
  • Sir Jesse’s Boots of Striding [15]
    [Da Wedin Crashers] Helstrikers (Large Cavalry) Horde (6) [300]
  • Wine of Elvenkind [35]
    Thonaar [1] (Hero (Cavalry)) 1 [170]
    [Orcenstone the Speedy] Stormbringer on Helstrike Manticore (Hero (Large Cavalry)) 1 [180]
  • Brew of Haste [20]
    [The Great Keef , Slayer of Tirrith] Stormbringer on Winged Slasher (Hero (Titan)) 1 [315]
  • Blessing of the Gods [20]
    [Dum’mer the Vicious] Stormbringer on Winged Slasher (Hero (Titan)) 1 [315]
  • Chant of Hate [20]
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Hmm that is very few units! If I was fighting it I’d try and chaff up the four heavy fliers, take out the rest of it, and then gang up on the flyers. Let us know how it goes though! :slight_smile:

Quite the compact force, like a sock full of coins :boom: Good luck out there!

(For posterity, I tried to pressure cook the list to put a second regiment of Tundra Wolves in, but the best I could do is a Thunderseers regiment, which isn’t a bad shout to add some thick chaffing, at the cost of 135 points in upgrades :thinking:)

I can tell you @Keithandor did better than he predicted and certainly had enough units to give me the runaround in Fools Gold!

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Jeh, i would say the same thing, its a heavy list, but lacks drops.

Maybe lose some items and try to increase you amount of units? not every unit needs an item. most are good enough without it.
Everyone with more drops can out deploy you so they have a clear idea were those heavy hitters will go and deploy accordingly.

Play test it a few times, and lett us know if it works.
hopefully i’ll see you at the clash 23