Road to Third Orcs Army

Part of my Mantic Road to 3rd Edition army progress.

Orcs! (Picture dump incoming) Everything has been undercoated either Skeleton Bone or Matt White from Army Painter (Often, Skeleton, then Zenethel White) and painted using GW Contrast paints. The object here is speed, not painting awards.

Will update with a progress shot of the Vanguard Warband I have managed to cobble together too… then its onto the Legion of Orc Axes!


And an update, for the Vanguard Warband and the WIP of the Godspeakers


These are the best Contrast orcs I’ve seen, and I love that they aren’t even GeeDub ones - maybe it’s because they have less skin and more gear or details that work better with Contrast? Whatever the case, paint looks good for the speed involved.

Props on tackling the orc legion, a unit I almost never remember exists. Dig that cutout for the mounted hero as well, guessing that’s for when you don’t want to use the gor regiment? Although it looks to be PMC without him in there!

Honestly Contrast is awesome if you use it right, you need to move it around a bit and think where you want it to pool - to create great shading or highlighting. Getting the Medium really helps, means you can make some really nice washes and go over metallics nicely.

The Ax Legion is gonna be fun, but my god is the footprint large!

The cut out is so that I can take one Gore rider off the base for using in Vanguard - the Great Ax regiment has 2 cut outs and the Ax Legion will have 1 off there too. The War Drum even has the shield dude on a base cut out too to allow for him in Vanguard. The whole army is dual purpose!

Everything in this army will be at least 75% model count, up to full model count where it fits or I have no use for those models elsewhere. Nothing below 75%.

Managed to finish off the Chariot Regiment so now have at least a legal force!

Today 40 more Ax arrived… so now into that Ax Legion I go.

Update pic for the whole army so far, plus some WIP!

Next up finishing these bits off and tackle the Orc Ax Legion of doom. The base is huge… I’m building it as a horde, plus 2 troops, so I have flexibility in fielding it as either a horde + regiment or a legion.

(Seriously, I am not looking forward to painting 45-50 Orcs!)


I always liked Mantic’s Orcs and you certainly do them justice!