Ronnie spills the beans on Counter Charge

Good for Rebs, it’s nice to see they’re getting some more attention.

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it is a crawler, but the DZ rules are a better base to start with as those can be a crawler wit 2D terrain as well a skirmish game

the base rules for Deadzone are a good mix between boardgame and miniature skirmish, they work well as solo/coop game against an “AI” and also as a player vs player game

Dungeon SAGA/Star SAGA/LoI are ok/good board games, but compete against better ones while at the same time the setting can be easily replaced (except for LoI it the generic one you get with every other boardgame)

going with a Deadzone like game and you can add Scenarios/Adventures to play like a Crawler but still can do a normal Skirmish game
and give it a focus on less models/heroes without grunts, so it does not compete with Vanguard and you can play Villains VS Heroes

No, I can’t agree. DS in it’s simplicity does a lot other crawlers don’t do. Yes, it’s pretty generic, which is actually what appealed to me.
I’m building a Dungeon Saga campaign atm, with a finale in Vanguard. It’s easy rules allow for houseruling and customization on an fairly easy level.
I’ve been looking through quite a lot of crawlers (Dungeoneers, DUN,etc.), most are overly complex compared with DS.
Still, DS is a story/quest driven boardgame, not a mission based skirmisher.
If you like to play Deadzone so much (and who wouldn’t, it’s great!), play Deadzone!

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I think that they dropped the ball with Vanguard in general. It doesn’t do a lot of the things that KoW proper does well. Army boxes coming with actual lists will be great for getting new people into the game.

3D printable models will be nice. I think that their plastics are a good deal, but some like the $80 hellstriker boxes when running 3-4 boxes isn’t unheard of is untenable. I am surprised that even Mantic is losing money on them. I have pretty much stopped buying actual models due to inflation hitting everything but 3D resin prices, but it is nice to hear that Mantic will be moving into that space so I can support them that way.

Perhaps the most exciting thing is the idea of the app having rankings on the horizon. I love Infinity’s ITS ranking system+army app+slick wiki which no other game does, so seeing KoW going in that direction will be great.


Rambling vanguard chat alert! You were warned…

I’m mainly just happy to hear vanguard mentioned at all!
I love the game as it is, though I do think it can be improved, i will second the voices on here saying to keep the core mechanics.

  • Mantic planning to revisit Vanguard in the long term.
  • Halfling and Rift Forged Orcs coming for Vanguard.

These two items… number 1 I am ambivalent about, mainly good, but revisit soon please! I know they have a lot of games and are not huge, but i can dream right?! Most of all though, what does “long term” mean?

Number 2: at last! They should have come ages ago! No decent orcs and no decent elves in vanguard just now seems weird given they are the most common fantasy tropes, and I love the halflings, a really well executed faction in terms of models. Could elves be done using the league of infamy sculpts as a starter? Make sure the new starter sets are like the Basilean one: one starter set all that’s needed for entry level, command set completes the faction. Not like the goblins, where the starter set barely gets you a warband.

A bit of balancing for vanguard here and there would do wonders, could this be done more short term (probably not)

Ambush is the right way to get folk into kings, Vanguard should be (I would argue already is!) a great skirmish game in the Panithor universe.


The Sci-Fi Tree. On the right.

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