Rules Question: Aligning through obstacles

Align rules from p.32

“If a ship cannot move to the side of another due to terrain or the presence of other ships, it is permitted to align as centrally as possible to the end of a ship and initiate a Boarding action from there.”

What happens in case of Terrain features that does not block Move? Let’s say there is a Sandbank, or a Vortex between the ships. Sandbank can be crossed, whereas Vortex will eat a ship up (Destroy). Do such Terrain features count as impassable for the purpose of the Align rule?

Funnily this had come up both in my local group and lately at Armada Fanatics (where it kind of stuck dead with no answer). I wouldn’t bring it up here otherwise.

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Although the rules are not clear on this, I believe the intention is that the ships should align out of any terrain features.

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I apologize for being greedy, as we already got one answer to a rules question today. Still as a game junky I gotta ask: Any chance to get a ruling on this one?