Rules Question: Fire as She Bears vs Ram/Evade (solved)

Ahoy folks. There is a small debacle about being able to shoot with Fire as She Bears in the same Move Step as Ramming an enemy ship. It all revolves around the timing and word “evades” from the Fire as She Bears rules and “after making rolls” from the Evade rules. Also Ram rules state you do not roll, but auto fail instead…

Here’s the Facebook topic on Armada Fanatics: Armada Fanatics

Long story short:

Some think you can, because of the timing of Fire as She Bears rules, ‘the ship didn’t Evaded at a time of firing’ and ‘Evades refers to successful evasion, not an attempt’. Some think you cause the rules are clear about this.

Anyhow - would be great to get an official answer from a Rules Committee.

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@mattjgilbert are there any Armada rule gurus that can help with this? No rush, but would but super appreciated.

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The RC are talking about it.


so, is the question that you want to first ram a ship, then shoot a gun in any direction, and then attempt to grapple and start a boarding action?


From what I understand, the question is: Can you Fire as She Bears in the same Move Step as Ramming, but before you Ram. Like: You Activate, you declare Speed, You declare you will Fire as She Bears at a certain point of movement before you Ram enemy ship deliberately. The issue at hand is: Although FaSB is prohibited in the same Move Step as Evading, the wording on both Evading and Fire as She Bears leave doubts. The intention might be clear, but the wording is not.

In my personal opinion - the rules are clear on the topic. You cannot FaSB in the same Move Step as Evading. You must measure the movement first so you know for certain that in this Move Step you will be evading before you FaSB. Ramming auto fails Evasion, but the ship still “Evades”., thus Ram does not pardon you from the rules restrictions.

For some the word “evades” means the ship cannot FaSB only after it already evaded and they want to FaSB before the ship takes the test to Evade…

I understand there might be some misunderstanding on the topic. FAQ entry would be great for this, even if it was like: “the intention of the rule is for FaSB to not be possible in the same Move Step as Evasion, regardless if the Evasion test was passed or failed”. This would do the job, for me at least.

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I agree, it seems like the intent is that “an Evade situation has occured” = no Fire as She bears.
This would include the orc ships, regardless of the orc special rule.
Logically, they are getting ready to ram into the enemy and are busy holding on to whatever they can before the impact, and are probably not going to go and shoot the cannons while that is moments away from happening.

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Hey mate, any news on the ruling?

Rule Clarification from the RC.

A ship may not Fire as She Bears in a Move Step in which it Evades, or will Evade, a collision. This includes during a Ramming action when the ship automatically fails its Skill Test to Evade.


Thanks. I am putting all Rules Committee rulings into a FAQ document and add the author of a response as a reference. Just to clarify: Are you a part of Rules Committee?


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