Rules Question: Legends of Adar Vet Crew vs Upgrades cost (solved)

Question: Does Legends of Adar Veteran Crew multiply upgrades cost by 1,2?


Unless specified otherwise, all ships come with Regular crew as part of their basic points cost. Crew level changes are not considered Upgrades.
You can demote a ship’s crew a level to Inexperienced. After choosing any Upgrades, subtract 20% of the total cost of the ship (rounding up). This is the final cost of the ship.
You can also promote a ship’s crew a level to Veteran. After choosing any Upgrades, add 20% of the total cost of the ship (rounding up). This is the final cost of the ship."

According to rules you substract/add 20% of the total cost AFTER CHOOSING ANY UPGRADES.

Legends of Adar states: “This ship comes with Veteran Crew included in its cost (and cannot be changed).”

In my opinion this implies that upgrades cost should not be multiplied, because Veteran Crew cost is already payed (included) in Ship’s price. Unfortunately EasyArmy shows upgrades at their base price, contrary to standard Veteran Crew ships, where it shows costs at 1,2 BUT at the same time costs then get multiplied to 1,2 after selecting particular upgrades and adding them to the ship.

Any chance to get a ruling on this @imarchi @mattjgilbert ?

Latest question source: Armada Fanatics

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Oops - this was actually resolved and I somehow missed it.

Legends of Adar does not multiply the cost of any upgrades selected for the ship.

Replied by Chris Cowburn here.