Rusty’s nightstalkers

Thought I’d post up all the piccys of my NS army, maybe give me some motivation to paint something new for the army, having not touched it since lockdown began



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very cool and intimidating… i wouldn’t want to be facing all those eyes looking up at me across the battlefield hehehe

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Very cool! I can’t stop thinking ‘Peter Gabriel’ while looking at those bases.


Really love this army, thanks for reposting :smiley: Tho holy hell those bases :chains:

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Wow. Just wow. I’d be terrified sitting across the table from that lot! Those eyes are so sinister :flushed:


Those eyeballs are hilarious! Well, done – I’ve never seen that before and you pulled it off excellently.

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Great to see all the pics together - they aren’t freaky in the slightest! :wink:

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The eyes follow you round the room…

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Love it!

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Thanks very much for the kind words chaps!

My painting mojo for KoW has disappeared during the lockdown but I’m working up some enthusiasm to try and get more done for both these and my Abyssal Dwarfs.

Hopefully I’ll be a hero add some more pictures fairly soon


Very unique basing and the minis are super as well.

This army looking up at an opponent from the table is surely an extra advantage. :wink:


Yeah, think people went one of two ways regarding their mojo during lockdown - some people tend to paint for events, which obviously weren’t happening, so didn’t have the motivation - I went the other way, not having to worry that what I’m painting up is actually any good on the table gave me free rein to have fun!


@Sceleris indeed. I’ve still been painting some stuff,
But it’s been a scattergun mix. During the first lockdown all I painted were 1/72nd American civil war units.

Lately it’s been a hugely varied mix, plains indians and cowboys, darkest Africa in 2 scales, a lot of superheroes, frostgrave and other assorted fantasy, VBCW. Probably a few I’ve missed.

Once events start back up I’m sure I’ll start painting KoW stuff for my armies.

I’ve had 2 boxes of grotesques sat on my painting table for my AD since they came out. I’m sure that they’ll get done once I get my first event in, two one dayers at Tabletop republic in high Wycombe are now on the calendar!


Got them all out of their box for a group shot


I’m not going to be using them until at least 2022 so they’ve gone off to serve as one of the KoW demo armies at The Pit Gaming shop in Hertfordshire so anyone in the area who fancies trying out the game or using the NS to see how they play will be welcome to use them after the current restrictions allow.


Such a good paint scheme with very creepy basing. Every time I see them I get a little shudder in my stomach. But then I’ve always been a bit creeped out by giant eyes.

Curious though… it looks like you only have 2 unlocking regiments and 1 unlocking large inf horde? How do you fit all the good stuff in?

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Thanks very much @Muakhah,

At the moment it isn’t the full army. There will be many, many scarecrows when I get the time to do them. I’ve also got shadow hounds underway too. It’s currently only a demo army so the heroes and monsters will have some choice but the core is fairly fixed.


Wow, just saw these! The bases are awesome, but I think rhat is really great is that they look so unified as an army and that your style of painting is quite different to many. Very clean lines and highlights that gives them an almost comic book (in a very good way!) feel. Makes them seem larger than life, which really fits the theme!

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Thanks very much @screamingaddabs

I often describe my painting style as ‘comic book shading’, you can see how much influence graphic novels had on me at an early age :nerd_face: