Salamander corsairs

a strange question happend in advance of a tournament.
Does firebrand with the aura elite for corsairs grant elite to the salamander corsair units ?
they don’t have the keyword corsair.


We had a similar question regarding Halfbreed Affinity (Supreme Iron-caster on Great Winged Halfbreed) and if the Champions are also providing the bonus.
RC denied it.

Therefore I would also say without the Keyword it doesn’t work.

If RC says it works even without Keyword then that should be streamlined for all Auras and similar rules so we don’t have such discussions. :slight_smile:

Lets make it even more confusing,
the greater fire elementals can get rallying one for fire elementals.
but no unit has the fire elemental keyword. there are 2 units that have fire elemental in the name.
so does this apply to those units ?

The text of an aura is “Aura will only grant the special rule to the unit with that name or keyword in addition to the unit with the Aura itself.”

So Rallying should count for Fire Elementals but not Greater Fire Elementals - if the prior mentioned logic is the same.

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Aura also includes names :slight_smile:
Aura (x) refers to another special rule that the Aura grants to units around it. This unit and all Friendly Core units while within 6” of it have the (x) special rule. Note an Aura may have a further qualifier, in which case the Aura will only grant the special rule to the unit with that name or keyword in addition to the unit with the Aura itself. Effects of Auras of the same type are not cumulative. So, for instance, a unit covered by two Aura (Thunderous Charge (+1)) do not gain Thunderous Charge (+2). Units only gain special rules that affect melee or ranged combat (such as Brutal, Elite, Crushing Strength etc.) if they are within the Aura when the combat is being resolved. Units only gain special rules that affect movement (such as Pathfinder, Strider, Wild Charge etc.) if they are within the Aura at the beginning of their movement.

Crew of Ember’s Dance In an army that contains Firebrand, Corsairs are no longer Irregular.
here they use the same type of name for the crew of ember rule.

my feeling is that this rule should be as intended,
firebrand gives elite to corsairs. (its in the name)
firebrand makes corsairs regular ( its in the name)

I support your opinion but at least regarding a similar rule RC has decided differently on the FB page.

That’s an issue in my opinion which should be clarified for Auras and similar effects so that they all work the same way unless otherwise specified.

Firebrand’s aura is slightly badly phrased, as technically it only effects himself - Corsair is a keyword which he has, but the Salamander Corsairs don’t and there isn’t actually a unit called Corsairs.

However, given the wording of his special rule (Crew of Ember’s Dance - In an army that contains Firebrand, Corsairs are no longer Irregular) it’s implicit that Salamander Corsairs ARE Corsairs.

Ideally the unit needs the Keyword, or the aura/special rule states Salamander Corsairs.

The RC did muddy the waters when confirming that the omission of the Ironwatch Keyword for the Ironwatch unit in the dwarf army was an error - when its addition had no effect as the relevant aura covered them anyway (as they work on named units or Keywords).

With the fire elemental and AD points, the RC commented that only the specifically named units (and not the greater/hero versions) benefited - which again makes Firebrand bit confusing.

I think it is obvious that it is supposed to work?


Absolutely, but RAW technically says otherwise :wink:

I see, so because the rule applies to “Corsairs” but the unit is called “Salamander Corsairs” some might claim it does not work? :smiley:
Keywords do not need to come into play in this particular case I think, as the aura rule says “name or keyword”.

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Salamander Corsairs don’t have the Corsair Keyword Firebrand has.

Absent a Keyword the unit name applies.

Problems arise when they don’t match precisely!

The RC have said in separate FB posts that a rule effecting Fire Elementals didn’t apply to the Greater Fire Elemental and one that worked on Abyssal Grotesques/ Halfbreeds didn’t work on Abyssal Grotesque/Halfbreed Champions [ie unit named only]

Units of Corsairs don’t exist (like seagulls :wink: ) but we all know what they are!

It should say “Salamander Corsairs”


I see. But isn’t the problem in that case that there are two units who share such a similar name? In the case of the Corsairs there is only one unit, there are no “mounted corsairs” for instance to create any confusion. So with only one unit in the list named something with Corsairs, it should not be any confusion to the aura working or not. Sure it should have said salamander corsairs but with salamanders being the name of the army that is an understandable oversight, it is still obvious.

Yes, and it really don’t think anyone would seek to argue that neither of Firebrand’s rules don’t work on the unit - but for the consistency that the RC are trying to establish there just needs to be a slight amendment.

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I agree that Crew of Embers Dance only when the word “corsairs” can apply to the Salamander Corsair unit, and do its clear an aura for corsairs would affect them.

But certainly it should be cleared up at some point by adjusting the keywords or wording on the abilities.

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