Salamander previews

Partly from “BeastsofWar”, partly from the Mantic facebook page.


They look great - a cohesive look and no hats on these ones just yet…

Will there be a Vanguard warband update too do we think?

Looking real good across the line - tyrants probably take it for me, tho I’m partial to the scorchwings (and have preordered a couple handfuls plus attendant skylords :fire:) Nice to see the leikelodon painted and in scale!

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True, although you forget a plural ‘s’!


I believe Rob and Matt said there would be, but this Saturday there is a KoW livestreamy update from Mantic so I expect we’ll get confirmation then anyway

very nice looking models, vibrant and colourful

These are looking really good and raise a lot of my aesthetic flags. But there’s one thing I really don’t need: the temptation of another army.

Have been waiting for the Tyrants since they showed the Artwork. Definitely gonna get a few of these

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I need to finish the armies I have before I buy another one, I need to finish the armies I have before I buy another one, I need to…

never thought that Salamanders would be looking that good
the renders were fine and with only 1 base plastic kit there are limitations, but overall the painted models are awesome


I never knew I needed a 7th KoW army.

These are just too good to say no to.

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Are there ever enough KoW armys? :wink:

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I want to say no, but bank balances and painting say otherwise :wink:

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I don’t know if it’s a spell or curse, an addiction or an infection that makes you want to buy almost every KoW army there is. I wasn’t interested in Salamanders at all. In fact I was relieved that I wasn’t , but now…look at all those lizards…:lizard:

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Resurrecting this to ask if anybody knows or has a guess about when the new Mage-Priest will be available outside of the mega army? I haven’t paid much attention to previous releases and the timeline for splitting out heroes from them. I know Northern Alliance was pretty terrible for getting individual characters outside of the Vanguard boosters (maybe still is), hoping this isn’t the case. Also I am expecting to have to order directly from Mantic, seems like they keep some of these sorts of minis direct only.

The issue with some of the other models (huscarl ones from NA set for example) was down to the fact they were made as PVC models FOR Vanguard, the KoW army sets just got multiples of the whole lot.

Mage priest looks like a standalone model, and will probably follow in the second wave releases. This might be at the same time as the initial halfling drop later in the year?