Scarhandpainting Armada collection

Ahoy friends! Here to share my beloved Armada collection. Been heavily invested in the game since day one. If you haven’t tried it out yet - I very much recommend it. Fantastic miniatures to work and play with, but also a solid, fun gameplay.

Anyhow, here’s the collection:


And some scenery:

You can find specific Armada galleries here:

And a lot of Armada related content, including painting tutorials here: ARMADA -

I hope you like the collection,



Just want you to know i appreciate the content you have on armada.


Thank you very much. :heart_eyes:

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Lovely fleet and terrain you made here. Just ordered the 2 player starter set today, so really nice to get some cool inspiration :partying_face::sailboat:

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Nice collection of models and I enjoyed going through your site articles; how was the sail assembly on the Northern Alliance and Salamanders? Were they more or less difficult than the starter Basileans and Orcs?

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Salamanders sails are super easy. These are all one part, mast + sail things, glued at an angle that makes it very easy to paint assembled.

NA/Varangur ships are a bit more complicated, mostly due to triangle shaped front sails. Had to work just a bit with them to fit perfectly. Decided to paint assembled to avoid glue coming off of paint after. Was a bit tricky to paint, but in general still easier than let’s say Basileans. As for the general assembly - except for the front triangle piece, all super easy.

Very nice - great scenery and the fleets look really good.

Do want to pick up the NA/varangur ships and the salamanders - painting the latter up along the lines of the fleet from the Pirates of the Caribbean - and get some more ships for my daemon fleet

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Another fleet joined the collection. Was about time to add some pointy ears and trees!

Full gallery: Armada Elf Fleet -


The fleets are amazing enough but I love, love those floating islands.

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Ghost Fleets that I completely forgot to show in here:

Plus the latest small addition to the collection (Salamanders Fort):

Oh and two special islands made a while back:


The ghost fleet is lovely.