Scenarios, how do you approach them?

The aim is to gather some advice on how to approach each scenario.

Do you have an approach that works for one?
Important considerations that you recommend?
Are you a hero who will give a rundown of all 12?

Post below!

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Scenario by scenario would be a bit long but the KOW-WW podcast’s talking tactics section has some of that. So a few observations.

Most in involve holding or grabbing tokens and the tactics vary

  • For Loot-based ones / Push you need some ball-carriers. Well armoured monsters / heroes with decent nerve work well for me as they have a small footprint.
  • I like some flyers, especially nimble, for later game objective grabbing.
  • Its tempting to only contest some of the tokens. That’s logical but at least try to threaten them all as you might get a freebie in deployment.
  • When using bluff tokens do a map so you don’t bluff yourself !
  • Infantry hordes are big, they may well be able to contest 2 objectives at a time

My MVPs in scenario play are often the scoring characters / monsters, especially the flying or nimble ones. I play Basilean right now and Gnaeus, Samacris and the Elohi are great for scenario play.


I mostly try to anhilate the enemy regardless of scenario!



they can’t score points if they’re not on the table.

I mostly forget the scenario and then fail to remove my opponent thus failing on two fronts.
Some people say I should change but it’s a tried and tested plan so I’m sticking with it.

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