Scorched earth a non unique spells from the arcane library

i had a question about scorched earth. for a list i would like to include more then one scorched earth spell, and noticed it isn’t unique, so i could buy the upgrade multiple times.

but because there isn’t a unit in the game that has this option to buy the spell, you can only chose it from the Arcane Library, and if i understand correctly, you can only purchase each spell once?
or once per spell level ?

How does this work?

Its a non unique spell so i can have more then one in my army.
since no unit has acces to it i need buy from the acane library, correct ? (then its still a unique spell but just not classified as such.)
or i can buy each scorched earth spell once on different levels? ( that would mean twice, once on level 1 and once on level 2)


Only one of each spell from the library per army, so no.

Not being unique means that you could take the library version if you already had the spell another way.

Thank for the answer

There is no unit in the game that has the option jet.

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Mantic has been careful to future proof things.

A spell not being unique also lets you use the Conjurer’s Staff on it.