Second Game

I did a second learning game with my Northern Alliance and Elves. It was Loot this time so there was a much less likely chance to get a pesky tie.

One thing that I came up that I needed to find was when my archers were engaged and I blanked on them disengaging to be able to shoot at the unit in front of them instead of attempting to melee the unit of foxes.

I can honestly say even though I am only currently learning and playing myself that I love the ease of the rules. Once the game starts it gets going really quick.


True, that is exactly what appeals to me about the game. And multibasing of course, can’t stress that out enough😉


Sure, they could do the 1" withdraw and Halt for no shooting penalty, or move back to disengage and be at -1 to hit, but of they took any damage in the enemy turn they would be disordered and not allowed to use any shooting attacks.

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Very important thing to remember going forward, thanks!

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