September Spring! - Painting Topic

These are great - fantastic paint job, and loads of character on what could be a very straight forward unit.

Minor, minor point (as I was watching a youtube vid on this) - the cobbles look very regular. Could you pick out some in different colours and then bring them closer together with a wash and drybrush?

thanks for the advice! Yeah I’ve tried that before and although it makes sense on a micro detail level it tends to detract from the overall tabletop impression. I try and thread a fine line between detail and accuracy and looking striking from a few feet away.
Many thanks for the kind words!


Amazing work! @DreadNort

Some shots of my newest project. Started this first shot on Saturday. Working my way through. need to paint the Salamanders, Pegasus(griffins), air elementals, and finish the water effects. Then get to the details next week on the landscape and armor.


Looking good, and I dig the wind + fire combo :tornado: :cloud_with_lightning: :fire:


Awesome work as usual Mike!
Your air elementals are making me excited about Sylvan Kin getting them in a few weeks.

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Yeah, that sounds exciting. And thanks for the nice comments. I’m looking to get to putting detail on the waves tonight .

I must say, I really like the fire elementals. Far more than I expected. I can’t believe I waited so long to make the models. On a playing level, love the Water elementals. It’s hard for me to pick which ones to use. I started making a 3rd WE unit last week.

Good times for Nature coming. And I have a Sylvan kin army as well. getting to add some elementals will be interesting for them. They need some CS to round out and have their game not be such a bottle neck of shooting in a game where everyone upvotes combat play.

Where are some “news” on the new changes to Kings?

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Thanks bro!
Still working on the waves. Ill be putting on wave foam next.

Do you have any ideas for decorating the bases? nice detail touches to add?

Finished my vampire lord. Happy how it turned out – had to paint him quick too!


Muster Captain on Aralez


Technically he’s just a small repaint - wasn’t happy with my original, painted some years ago. A few washes and some rehighlighting plus some base work and I’m much happier.
Plus he’s a BEAST in combat…


Great work again!

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Can I ask, how tall are those Gryph-hounds? Would they fit a 25mm historical rider?

I don‘t have historical minis but maybe this helps?


The should fit GW LotR riders and probably the smaller historical stuff (perry/gripping beast)

My Wardrum conversion from GW Ardboyz and GW Mordor Troll drums



Thanks! And thank you, Garuses!

Gotta fit one more Boskwraith in my troop somewhere for MMC😋


Had a busy week/end!
Finished MMC for Boskwraiths and finally finished Treeleaper troop #3
WIP Elven King on horse with Shardblade.



Many thanks to all who contributed and to those who admired the great models, a wide range of painting styles and modelling ideas!

It is now time to move to a fresh topic, see you all there: