September Spring! - Painting Topic

Dear all,

We are now continuing the topic for another month! I hope you like the new name :slight_smile:

It’s time to start a new topic to share our updates on the various painting and modelling projects. It is a continuation of many successful topics in the past and I am sure there will be no shortage of great contributions again!

I tried to come up with an original name for July but as you can see, I was not very creative. However, I will be more than happy to change it as soon as you suggest something more suitable :slight_smile:

In any case it is indeed more about the content, so let’s keep the photos coming!



Finally got to finish my Christmas gift.
Steel Behemoth by Mantic


‘Joyful July’, maybe? In memory of the popular and fabulous ‘Joyful painting with Bob Ross’.


The Joy of Painting. See the Happy Lil’ Behemoth, jus’ stompin’ along, he’s just sprayin’ out flame and napalm! But he looks lonely - lets give him a lil’ friend there…


Jubilant joys of jolly July.


I’ve been messing around with these ogres since KoW 1 Kickstarter… So I’ve set a target to actually finish 2300 point for the August Campaign. This is the first ~1500 points. After these everything else needs cleaned built and painted, which will include two regiments of chariots, and Jesse’s Warlock as Nomnom.

Horde of Shooters, 2 Hordes of Warriors, Horde of Siege Breakers

Standard, Lock and Warlord

Test bases, the two warrior hordes can form a legion. Now I just need to make all the other bases to match sighs


I guess we have a winner! :slight_smile:


Couple of halfling characters


Will base the big guy once the halfling rules come out do I can use it as something appropriate


Nice! I haven’t seen either of those minis before.

The ogre chap is the paymaster from westphalia, the knight is an emu rider from Black Tree

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I think you’ll be fairly safe with a 40 square for the paymaster, that’s what mine is going on. With the forest troll mounted halflings I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a hero option, if not he’ll just replace something else for me.

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Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Shouldn’t be too long before we get the beta rules though - plus I need to start on the r&f!

Done finally!!! :grinning: :grinning:


Absolutely gorgeous, love that dragon.

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Thanks @Stonehorse ! It was a bit daunting to start painting such a large model, but I’m very happy how it turned out - and also with how the (old Stormwind) rider fits on top of it :grinning:

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Nice! I like the crew swap and the worn metal look. Also liking the splash of yellow on the basing.

V minor but could you make the end of the gun look less solid (maybe it’s just the 2nd photo)?

Personal preference - I’d probably look to cover up the pans with shields/trophies/sandbags down the line.

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Slightly more distinct paint job on the centre of the flame gun would probably do it.

The pans etc aren’t too overt for my tastes, although the cooks were. Easy to clip off though


Awesome @Sceleris ! I was just looking at my League of Infamy pledge a few days ago and wondered what that one will look like painted … :wink: Great job! Will we get some more Halfling pictures from you in the future?

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