Seraphon -> Salamanders

Hi again all,

What Salamanders units do people represent with their GW lizard men models? I have a bunch of skinks, saurus warriors, pterodactyl guys, and carnosaurs… what have you all seen people play these models as for Salamanders?

Ghekkotah Warriors - Saurus Warriors
Ghekkotah Hunters - Skinks
Komodon/Lekelidon - Carnosaurs

Is this kind of generally what people do?

Thanks for any advice!


The originsl intention behind Uncharted Empires was to give old Warhammer armies a home (Mantic have made things their own a bit for 3rd efition though), so you’ll find the salamander list has equivalents for Lizardmen units .

Ghekkotah = skinks
Salamander Primes = Saurus warriors
Fire drake = carnosaurs

You should be able to find a unit profile that roughly matches what your models look capable of for most things and failing that unit fillers/arefefact indicators in units (e.g: a Slann model in a unit of salamander primes to indicate that unit has a magical artefact).

For example, you have lizards riding pterodactyls that might have a shooting attack (they have rocks or something iirc).
That fits the profile for scorchwings, even though the shooting attack looks different to the description it’s mechanically the same.


Awesome, I appreciate the reply! Good information to see if I have enough stuff to start a small list with! Thank you!