Sharing my Gobbo’s rebasing project

I’ve been sharing my rebased Orcs. They have been getting some love. I’m an O+G player at heart (I just like anything green.) So I Thought I’d share some of my Gobbo rebasing progress. 1st cab off the rank is my new WingGit!! Yay!! Finally a flyer!


I have added little stumps to my Gobbo Rock Chukka to help my opponents define the base area of my model for game purposes. Saves on arguments!


Gobbo chariot horde. Note the interchangeable base. With opponents agreement, I use the smaller base as a regiment (It’s the right size but oriented wrong which is to my own disadvantage. But hey the model is cool!) and the larger tray when playing it as horde (Correct size)


Well done! and if people really wish to “play by the rules”, just turn it 90 degrees sideways. It’ll look silly, but that’s what you get when forcing rules over immersion.

Fortunately I’ve never had to do that. They usually just look at the Gobbo chariot profile and say “cool chariot, and I’m happy to have a bit of extra flank to charge at!” ; )

Make some noise for the Gobbo Trombone!


My Mawbeast pack 1 of three.


Rebased gobbo spitters and sharp sticks.


more Goblins rebased. I have gone for combinations of regiment and troops. This gives the most flexibility. Even though gobbos smallest configuration is a regiment. The troops allow for easily building legions.


Nice, i do so love my own ‘Night goblin’ Sharpstick legion,. What’s not to love about a phalanx unit of 35 attacks, even hitting of 5’s and a nerve of 25/27, even before you add a mawpup or a cheap wiz to Bane chant them for extra damage, or boost them wth an artifact .

The more I look the more gobbos I find. I’m going to need to make more bases!! I love the older (larger) goblins and night goblin multipart kits. I use these as my rabble. They look more rabbl-ly compared to the Battle for Skull Pass WHFB night goblins.