Show your KoW/Vanguard terrain

I found some time to start painting my cottage from Tabletop World. It’s such a nice model!

I try to post my other terrain soon, until then I would like to see your tables and terrain masterpieces!


Cool idea! Here are a few of mine:

Elven watchtower:

Elven waystone

I have two identical watchtowers (both those pictures are of the same one though) and I think three or four waystones. Next projects would be a castle and some houses, but that’ll have to wait until we move to a bigger place, wife is already very understanding of my expanding collection of elvendom :smiley:


Fun stuff, here are some of my paper houses from Fat Dragon games iirc:


Here is my Vanguard terrain so far:
Some woods (with a little hint in which part of Pannithor my table is situated)

A wheat field

It’s an IKEA doormat as shown in this tutorial:

My steep hill

It’s blocking terrain for KoW.
Some mission objectives for Vanguard


and some scatter terrain, mostly from Mantic

I finished the cottage from Tabletop World:

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