Siege scenario!

In a moment of madness I ordered this:

Has anyone build a siege scenario for 3rd edition yet? It would be very much appreciated.


nothing for 3rd that I’ve heard about yet, I would need to re-read the old 2nd ed rules to see if there is anything that would cause issues, but I think it should work.

You’ll just need them from CoK 2019

Sadly I do not own CoK 19. I’m not going to buy it though, maybe time will be in my favour.

If I remember correctly, there are rules for siege in First edition rulebook.

Yeah, would also need to recheck CoK19 but the rules should be fairly easy to port across - heights (which went up by 1 in v3) and a few issues around withdraw might just need a tweak.

I shall write out the rules and DM you probably Thursday afternoon because I’m up to my nuts at the moment. I’ll amend anything that clashes with 3rd ed on the way

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Thanks a lot! That would be nice. But there is no need to rush, since I just ordered the castle, have to paint it and have to find someone to play a game. Although, my local club is planning a campaign this summer. Maybe a little siege there…

The castle arrived. I’ve build the gatehouse tonight to get a sense of the scale. A very WIP troop of Boskwraiths serves as size comparison:


@Gerrcinn made the effort and updated the CoK 19 siege rules to 3rd Edition. I put them in a layout and asked Mantic for permission to share them here, which they granted. So here are the siege rules:

Thanks again Gerccinn!

PS: I just saw, that the offensive siege weapon stats are out of their layout. I’ll fix it as soon as I’m home from vacation.


Awesome stuff.

Just being a pedant, the references to Large Infantry should probably include Monstrous Infantry (the term/unit didn’t exist in v2) :wink:

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no I deliberately left them out as there are limits on what can garrison a wall, I did include the new terms for the other units that came in with v3, it’s also the reason why Swarms aren’t there, it didn’t make sense to me that they should be defending a castle

By all means include them if you want in your games though.


There’s only a handful of such units (mainly for mantic model purposes), but if it was a considered issue (so walls could effectively fit 80 depth as max), then all good

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Does anyone know a good supplier for siege equipment as mentioned in the rules?

Zvezda has a 1/72 mediaeval siege range that fit very well into KoW


This lot have a range of MDF stuff.

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Really nice, I found this:

You can put a standard infantry regiment on top and maybe inside, which is cool. The price is tremendous. Plus shipping to Germany. I’ll continue the search.
@kodos Zvezda looks cool, but I’m uncertain about the scale. Do you have some of their models? Or any comparison pictures? I’m on vacation with really bad WiFi, so I don’t want to go on an extensive search.

someone made a review here

they are on the small side but do the job or are good as a base for conversions (increasing the height of the siege tower with plastic card should not be a problem)


I don’t know about Zvezda’s battering ram/boiling oil/ladder kit, but the catapult/ballista/mantlets one is great (collected 4 or 5 of those). Very solid, usefully generic miniatures!

The 2nd kit here: