Siege scenario?

In a moment of madness I ordered this:

Has anyone build a siege scenario for 3rd edition yet? It would be very much appreciated.


nothing for 3rd that I’ve heard about yet, I would need to re-read the old 2nd ed rules to see if there is anything that would cause issues, but I think it should work.

You’ll just need them from CoK 2019

Sadly I do not own CoK 19. I’m not going to buy it though, maybe time will be in my favour.

If I remember correctly, there are rules for siege in First edition rulebook.

Yeah, would also need to recheck CoK19 but the rules should be fairly easy to port across - heights (which went up by 1 in v3) and a few issues around withdraw might just need a tweak.

I shall write out the rules and DM you probably Thursday afternoon because I’m up to my nuts at the moment. I’ll amend anything that clashes with 3rd ed on the way

Thanks a lot! That would be nice. But there is no need to rush, since I just ordered the castle, have to paint it and have to find someone to play a game. Although, my local club is planning a campaign this summer. Maybe a little siege there…