Silicone mold release agent

Making a two part silicone mold for some resin stuff in the future. So prevent the two part mold from sticking together, can i use baking soda as a release agent? or cornstarch? I could go to the store and snag some baby powder or something but i really dont feel like going out just now. Am I being lazy? yeah maybe. Anyway, alternatives for release agents? :smiley:

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I haven’t ever used a powdered release due to worries about the pour of the later portions of the mold displacing the agent and ending up with a silicone to silicone bond, but I have used vaseline applied with a q-tip to get a thin coat. The problem comes with getting the coat applied up to the edge of the object being molded without obscuring any details.

For anything small, I usually go with the liquid mold release from Alumilite because it is easily applied with a brush and dries within a few minutes. It is a more expensive option, but is much more forgiving in the molding process.

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Thank you. I will try Vaseline first.