Sisterhood Scouts STLs?

I’m thinking about running some Sisterhood Scouts in my son’s Basileans, but getting enough Mantic official models is, well, just not possible. Does anyone have any alternative sculpts, or better yet, know of a good STL source?

Many thanks in advance

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The only models i’ve come across that may be an alternative to the sisterhood soldiers are these

The only trouble is there may not be enough ranged weapons on the sprues to make scouts, there are 2 bows and 1 crossbow on a 5 soldier sprue but that could be fine if you use the prefered model count making about 8 models for a troop instead of the full 10 giving 6 the ranged weapons and giving 2 models hand weapons they won’t look out of place, the soldiers look a bit celtic or vikingish too and might not fit the theme of an organised army, i’m not sure of the scale either, in the video it’s scaled against a mantic northen alliance warrior which i’ve heard are bigger scaled models compared to the other mantic armies so they could be o.k.


The frostgrave stuff scales well with mantic basilea types.

As scouts I wouldn’t worry if the models look more rustic than the more ‘uniform’ regular troops, plus virtually any 28mm scale arms should fit for more bows.

Shieldwolf shieldmaidens can work - xbow armed admittedly.

Not into 3d printing so haven’t check out STLs, but you could also try elf ranges for scout/archers?


I’ve found an absolute ton of female archer STLs.

Female ELVEN archers.

I’m debating getting the mega army for the 10 Gur Panthers and 10 scouts, then filling out the Regiment with the standard melee sisters. I have 3 of each of those models from the Vanguard Kickstarter so I might be able to get what I need out of that.

Thanks everyone

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I was looking for “female rangers” for you, and either found loads of great one-off sculpts or loathsome Elves :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, I even thought about designing 2-3 sculpts in Heroforge.

Thanks for looking though!

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