Size of new Abyssal Dwarfs

Hi folks, for anyone who has the new plastic Blacksouls assembled, I’m wondering how tall and wide they are (with shields/assembled) in mm’s. I have some on order but they are a couple of weeks away.



You’ll have to forgive my poor photos, but I am famous for being shite at them, hope that answers your question


Perfect, thank you!

they probably could be ranked closer, but I only glued them down to paint them and then I plan on multibasing

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I’ve found 16 on a regiment is pretty tightly packed, and with suitable terrain 12 would look fine TBH. Here is my first Regt just done.


I’m taking the mastiffs with mine and basing 10 dwarfs + 2 mastiffs, I know it’s MMC but I’m doing scenic bases, although it may look different without the square bases

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I’m sure that will look good. I used my 4 as a Troop, who will initially be Hellhounds in my Abyss army with these guys as Abyssal Guard