Skav.... Ah Ratkin into 3rd Ed

So after the old world blew up I took a bit of a rest from wargames, but now I have dusted off my old models to see how they would fit into 3rd Ed KoW.

Ratkin… I didnt think I had that much… It was the army I was building before I took a break.
The main reason I am posting this is “motivation” to paint my models. I dont get much of a chance to do it, but starting this thread will hopefully kick my arse into gear.

It will be a bit photo dump initially, then hopefully keep the updates coming…


2 legions of Slaves, a heap of plaugue monks that i will use as shock troops. some warrioirs, swarms and 4 big guys at the back.
This was for a 2000pt list (my 1 game that i have played to date).
few catapaults

and other war machines

I will need to do allot of multibasing. It was a pain just lining all these up for a “quick photo”


I think this will be used as mother Cryza.
I still need to finish painting her. As well as a few repairs after coming out of storage.


This is the best bit of my army… The Mutant Rat Fiend.
The eyes are actually a LED that light up and flash.
I have also started work on a second Rat Fiend


Now i am working on a Skud model too.
Going to be a bit of work but its being assembled slowly.
He will also be breathing lightning :slight_smile:


Looking forward to your progress in this thread.

I was thinking about LEDs at one stage for my undead army bases. Is your light setup home made?

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The LED kits were a campfire set, that I got from a model train store. Came with everything I needed. Battery connector, small switch and flashing globes. For the lightning one I just swapped out the red to blue. The models that I used have been hollow and plastic. So it wasn’t too hard to feed the wires in the middle, then have the battery and switch hidden in the base.

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Awesome stuff!

Great stuff! Love to see more Skaven love. And the LEDs bring back some fond memories of the Thousand Sons army I made a few(!) years ago…

I really like that Mutant Rat Fiend. Great model! I don’t recognize the base model though. Still, really nice!

I don’t know what the kowforum rules are for posting links to other gaming sites, but my own recent Skaven painting painting blog is over on Dakka Dakka, you just have to get past some AoS, and other assorted, stuff.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to find the time to port too many pictures from there over here. And if posting a link here is verboten, mods by all means delete the post.



The Ratfiend started as a GW giant body Dragon head. Old choas dragon ogre hind legs. Then lots of green stuff for fur, ears, and tails.

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Been slow progress but rebased all my “shock troops” some of the gaps I will be filling with smoke