Skulk tracker hero variations

Hi all,

Not especially tactics but I was just thinking about the use of the Skulk tracker as a means to spice up how orcs play in a similar vein to the Dogs of War in the Rhordia list.

So we have the usual upgrade for the tracker hero that gives inspiring and an aura for D3 wild charge on Skulks.

However, if we limit each army to one tracker upgrade per army, here are some alternatives:

Outrider raiding party

For +25 the orc tracker gains Inspiring. The orc tracker must be mounted on a boar. Skulk outriders are no longer irregular and the regiment size is unlocked (i.e. 13/15 nerve, 14 attacks for approx 150 points in line with light cavalry in other armies).

Looted weapons

For +35 points, the Orc tracker gains Inspiring and +1 piercing. Skulk troops and regiments can take blackpowder weapons for 10/15 points (18 inch range, piercing 1). In addition, for every 1,000 points in the army, the force can take a goblin rock lobber. This does not count as allies and counts in all respects as part of the orc list. However, every rock lobber must include an orc bully model for +10 each (must be modelled somewhere) . This gives the rock lobber the orc keyword and +1 to its waver and nerve values.

Let me know what you guys think. I hope these will give different styles to the orc army without being too powerful.