Slllloooowwww grow herd


So I will be building up a herd force,but I’m not the fastest , mostly due to lack of free hobby time but thought I would start a blog here to attempt some momentum…so without further ado…

First up, a beast of nature. This model has a rider,so I thought give it a spirit of the woods vibe.

I also have done some work on some bases ready for my tribal spears and trappers when I buy them! Tried to get a sense of overgrown ruins. I will be adding wild flowers and maybe touching up the earthen areas.


no matter how slow you are you’re faster than me :slight_smile:

I love the beast of nature it’s a great looking model there and the basing is looking well, have you thought about adding in a little height on the next bases to stop them looking too similar, a layer of cork in an area to give you a little step up like a floor would work well with your ruins.

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Thanks! It’s a runewars model that was going cheap:)

Definitely need to think about adding height. I have a rock on one, but good shout using cork