Slow grow league in Cardiff

Hi we are having a slow grow league in firestorm in Cardiff uk during November following the launch of 3rd. All abilities welcome (I’m a brand new player just starting out). Check out the Mantic games at firestorm games Facebook group for more info. Or ask me here.

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Ooh, I’m in Cardiff quite regularly, if anyone fancies a game one evening

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Sounds good. I have to wait for 3rd Edition as am new. But there are others to be reached via the Facebook group.
Do you have set days in Cardiff or is it a bit ad hoc.

Completely ad hoc alas. But at least once a month. Which Facebook group is it?

Hi this link
It’s called Mantic games at firestorm games. Still pretty small but hopefully will grow.

Ok date is set for 3/11. At 11am for first session. ( I will still taste the hangover). Starting at 500pts building up to 2K for a tournament between Everyone at the end.

Week 1 is done. We are upping to 1k for week 2. We are still open to new joiners as we hope to use this to grow the community.