Snow basing

Anyone done decent snow on multibases? Contemplating some sort of icy tundra for my Ogres that will incorporate varying height levels and be a little more attractive than just some snow scatter.

I’ve always taken the view that ‘less is more’ with snow on bases and that patches of it works better than just snow.

I’ve gone down that route with my dark age style stuff (Varangur and a growing undead force). The basing itself is filler and sand (with foam for height), grass tufts and flick, then gw snow.

Here are a couple of examples.


mixing Natron (baking Soda) with wood glue (PVA) for a paste to put in the base and add some soda above it
for icing, use clear water-free glue instead of white wood glue


I used straight pva glue and Army Painter snow effect. When the pva shrank after drying, I just added more, then finally a bit more sprinkled on top before spray varnishing.


I did my goblins in snow. I used way too much - was going for snowy waste. Goblins looked like they were fighting on a Christmas cake.

Rebased to dry badlands a few months ago and redid twelve multibases. Couldn’t look at the snow anymore. Grass with snow scatter looks good in my opinion. I would never try deep snow again it turns out like cake icing.

My plan is to do a mix of snow, rock and ruins. So I’d want different kinds of snow, lots of ice and icicles etc. I think the problem is when there is just one texture.

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I’ve been using the Army painter snow (ground pumice I think), PVA and some gloss varnish. Like others I go for a melting snow effect and so the vanish makes it look wetter. I know some people use the water effect liquid to make it really shinny

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