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As a blind player who lives alone, a lot of the Vanguard I’ve been playing has either been solo with me playing both sides, or with young cousins or siblings when I visit. As a result, I haven’t had any of my wargaming buddies around to help me with some of the non-standard deployment and setup options. I was wondering if you lads might be able to explain how I setup the following scenarios:

Destroy The Baggage Train
Burn The Supplies
Canyon Patrol (Having a hard time figuring if the impassable stuff goes between the hills along the edge like the space between your knuckles, or if it goes in the area between the two side’s sets of hills, like food in a mouth with the hills as teeth.)

I’m sorry about the odd requests I’ve had on this forum, but, well, adapt and overcome. But to help give an idea of the info I need, I’ll write out what my buddy said to describe how to setup Snowblind for the one game we had:

There are four deployment zones, each starting 4 inches in from the center of a table edge. They’re 8 wide and four deep. You get to pick the north and south, or west and east. The objective drops 12 inches in from the center of a board edge, we roll for whether it’s north, east, south, or west.

Hope that helps give a picture of what I need. The missions that have good descriptions of where things go and use the standard deployment are easy enough for me to do on my own, but these three weren’t as clear to me without being able to reference the maps.

Thanks for any help you’re willing to give.


I’m literally having to go out the door for work, but if no one else answers before I get home in the early afternoon I’ll pop the information in then.


You wrote, that you are sorry for the odd request. Don’t be! Firstly I found people very helpful in this forum and all my questions and requests got answered. Secondly your request is not odd.
I’ll try to describe Destroy the baggage train.

The Attacker has two deployment zones. One in the north, the other in the south. Both reach 6 inches into the board. The attacker has to deploy at least 2 models in each zone and his whole warband first. The scout rule is ignored.

The defender deploys in a 6 inch wide road across the middle of the board. This road must be clear of terrain. Three wagons or carts are deployed within this road. They have to be 6 inch away from the board edge and 6 inches away from another. At least one model from the defender must be placed in base contact to each of the three wagons.

The rest of the terrain should be evenly placed across the board, but not within the defender’s road.

I hope this helps. Please concider, that English is not my native language!


It helps a ton. Thank you.


Burn the stores…

There are two deployment zones “X” and “Y”. “X” is 6 inches square and in the north east corner. Y is 9 inches square and in the North West Corner. There are also two buildings, a barn (which should be about 6 inches square), which is 3 inches from the east board edge and 7 inches from the south board edge, and an ale house (size not stated but probably about the same size as the barn), which should be 3 inches from the south board edge and the west board edge.

Defender deploys whole warband first. 3 models must be in base contact with the barn and two must be warriors or grunts. All the rest must be in base contact with the ale house.

Attacker places 3 models in the “X” deployment zone, of which two must be grunts or warriors. The rest are then deployed in the “Y” deployment zone.

Scout rule is ignored, attacker goes first.

I think that covers the map aspects and the rest I think is clear from the text and so I assume you have a text reader or similar to read that OK. If you need any more of it explained let me know and I can add to this. :smiley:


Just to add, measurements to the buildings are from the board edge to the nearest edge of the building.

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Excellent. That’s exactly the info I needed. And yeah, I have a Screen Reader for most general purpose text.

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Canyon Patrol

The two opposite sides are filled with hills to cover a depth of six inches, the impassable rock and rubble fill the gaps between the hills like the skin between your knuckles.

There are two deployment zones, the Defender’s is the width of the table and is nine inches deep, so it extends three inches beyond the hill line

The Attacker’s deployment is eighteen inches wide and nine inches forward, forming a rectangle in the centre of their table edge.

The numbers for the crevasse generation are equally spaced around the board starting at the top left corner with number one, and going clockwise, with a number at the centre and corners of every edge.


Awesome. Thanks for all the help guys. I really appreciate you putting in the effort to sort this out.

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