Some of my Roman, Kingdoms Of Men army





Really lovely looking Romans, especially that Giant. And what Romans ever gave us…


Very effective looking force, nice painting

Everybody likes the giant. 4 games so far, haven’t used him yet.

This is a great army, lots of bodies on the table.

Yes I love the giant, like everyone else. But what I love is that your dudes actually equipped him as one of the legion. If I was a giant I’d want to get some equipment too and not just have a rock or tree trunk.

Lots of units, great unified scheme.

Now I just want to see you have a bit battle when @Nav finished his tuatha de Danann Celtic herd army.

Edit: oh and what kind of list are you using?

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they look great. i had been tempted to do a Roman army, myself. i really love the giant.

Very nice - anything with elephants gets my vote!

Strangely, despite all the human based armies I’ve got, don’t actually have a roman one :wink:

Which range(s) of Romans?

Most are Warlord. The Gladiators are Foundry. The giant is a Verlinden 120mm fig. The two flying beasts are D&D figs. I tried to make the saddle on the Dragon one out of green stuff. I’m not a sculptor though. I doesn’t look great but its passable. I use the Kingdoms of Men for them. Regular Legionnaires are sheildwall, the two Pretorians are foot guard, the cavalry Pretorians are Knights, elephants as Mammoths, Gladiators as Fanatics, blue shield cavalry as Sergeants, and the one with turquoise feathers as a wizard.

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The list I’ve used so far is
4 x Shield Wall regiments
2x Foot Guard regiments with indomitable will
1 x Fanatic regiment with crystal of retribution
2x Knights regiment
2x Mammoth
1x General on horse with blade of slashing
2x wizard on foot, one with shroud of the saint fireball and heal and the other with conjurors staff and fireball
I try to keep the Fanatic, Knights and Mammoths together as a single hard hitting group. Use the Shield wall regiments to just hold them back on the flanks a bit and strike the center with the heavy group. Have only played four games so far but have won them all. Somebody will figure out how to stop me soon.

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Looking great.