Some riftforged orcs

I meant to take photos of my RFO before I went to Adepticon, but never got round to it, so they’re a bit battered and knocked now they’ve been on two flights and played a several games in and out of their flight case.

But I was really thrilled to get players’ choice at adepticon, especially since (in my opinion) there were much nicer armies there. Never underestimate the power of a funny accent :wink:

Also I moved house and haven’t found my nice background yet so you get the tiny lightbox :slight_smile:

I have more but they’re either broken from the flight and need fixing or in a box in the garage and need finding…


Love the forge/shrine - 3d print?

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Yeah the shrine is Archvillain games. I love it!


Yeah that Shrine is so metal I love it!


The free hand banner is a real standout! Great army.

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Found some display board shots!