Son's Dwarf army

I would like to present my son’s Dwarf army he did when he was 6 (so 4 years ago). Helped with arranging bases and painting leader points but the rest is his hard work.

The idea was to use brown base with few basic colours washed for cohesive effect.


6?! That’s absoluely amazing for a six year old! It’s good for an adult!


They look superb :clap:

excellent work there. I’m not a fan of the Mantic Dwarf helmets that look like saucepans, but sweetly done irregardless of age, they are something to be proud of. I’m reminded of my own daughters first efforts painting Night Goblins around 20 years ago, and still going strong.


Thats a lovely army!

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Such cool work! They look amazing, especially for that age

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