South Yorkshire

Howdy, I’ve not managed to find a regular scene in South Yorkshire/Sheffield/Barnsley/Penistone for KoW yet, is anyone part of one?

I’m in Sheffield but I’ve literally just played my first test game last week with only a couple of units and I’m not really ready to play full scale yet.

I’ve not come across any regular scene here at all though for KoW.

Funnily enough I just wrote up all my thoughts from my test game and was coming here to post em…!

Where abouts did you play?

Just at my house! Central Sheffield :slight_smile:
I’ve got a table and a bit of terrain, admittedly not loads on the terrain front though, but enough to play a normal sized game (now I just need the painted models for that too, and movement trays appropriate for KoW too)

Cool, well if you ever fancy a game out Outpost, or Emporium or similar do let me know :slight_smile:

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No idea how I didn’t see this post until now… but I will do yes! Definitely after more games later this year once I’ve got all my models and trays sorted out. Sounds great! :smiley:

The Outpost gaming area is going (already gone I think) I’m afraid :frowning: The store is staying there (for now) but the gaming area wasn’t cutting it for them apparently - costs of the space and heating etc. Also that area of town is a total pain to park at for me, I got a parking ticket last time I shopped at The Outpost :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I think they will still have a small games area setup in future though.

I didn’t know Wargames Emporium were okay with random turn up and game kind of thing in there? Well… admittedly parking near there would be awful too though… hmm… :frowning:

Maybe one of the clubs?

Are you familiar with any of them? I had done a search about when I was looking for potential KoW or T9A groups, but I didn’t know any of them, nor did they seem to play the games I am interested in.

However very happy to give it a try! :smiley: