South Yorkshire

Howdy, I’ve not managed to find a regular scene in South Yorkshire/Sheffield/Barnsley/Penistone for KoW yet, is anyone part of one?

I’m in Sheffield but I’ve literally just played my first test game last week with only a couple of units and I’m not really ready to play full scale yet.

I’ve not come across any regular scene here at all though for KoW.

Funnily enough I just wrote up all my thoughts from my test game and was coming here to post em…!

Where abouts did you play?

Just at my house! Central Sheffield :slight_smile:
I’ve got a table and a bit of terrain, admittedly not loads on the terrain front though, but enough to play a normal sized game (now I just need the painted models for that too, and movement trays appropriate for KoW too)

Cool, well if you ever fancy a game out Outpost, or Emporium or similar do let me know :slight_smile:

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No idea how I didn’t see this post until now… but I will do yes! Definitely after more games later this year once I’ve got all my models and trays sorted out. Sounds great! :smiley:

The Outpost gaming area is going (already gone I think) I’m afraid :frowning: The store is staying there (for now) but the gaming area wasn’t cutting it for them apparently - costs of the space and heating etc. Also that area of town is a total pain to park at for me, I got a parking ticket last time I shopped at The Outpost :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I think they will still have a small games area setup in future though.

I didn’t know Wargames Emporium were okay with random turn up and game kind of thing in there? Well… admittedly parking near there would be awful too though… hmm… :frowning:

Maybe one of the clubs?

Are you familiar with any of them? I had done a search about when I was looking for potential KoW or T9A groups, but I didn’t know any of them, nor did they seem to play the games I am interested in.

However very happy to give it a try! :smiley:

I’ve heard there are quite a few players in Wakefield, Luke from Luke’s APS is a big KoW player based in west Yorkshire (wakefield) I’m in Bradford but the hobby community seems to be mostly card, dnd/roleplay or Warhammer… a few historical and smaller scale players…

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When I lived in Leeds, there was a very large KoW community. While not within South Yorkshire, a quick train trip will get you up to Leeds. Check out the numerous clubs up there.

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Any guides or links?
I’m searching for stuff but not that much is coming up tbh.

Found this one that does KoW though:

That is my old regular club before I emigrated. I think they are more active on FB these days.

Edit, just noticed that website is showing the old address, they didn’t move too far, still in Headingly. It is now at the Heart community centre. Leeds Wargaming group are (or were) also in Hyde Park, which is next to Headingly. Big student areas, so good influx of gamers.

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Maybe I’ll get to check them out one day! :slight_smile:
Post lockdown anyway, and after I’m able to get the stuff I need to make myself mobile with my models… Leeds isn’t that convenient for me really, but is possible. I’d much rather play locally of course though really!

It is a real shame if gaming clubs go “insular” on failbook and make it impossible for newcomers to see what they are up to without joining groups etc. Not to mention people not on fb, that kinda sucks.

Leeds Wargaming Club (if that is the same thing) appears to be only historical gaming on their website… also weeknights would be kinda impossible with the travel for me too anyway. And my weekends are generally too full - hence why local would be much better, maybe I can find something one day :slight_smile:

Leeds is Literally 1 train away… 30 minutes at the most lol but yeah it’s train travel… unless you drive… then good luck haha

I might have a look in on some of the Leeds clubs myself, since I’m up at Penistone.

Once it’s safe to meet up in a group again ofc

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