Southern Mississippi players?

Looking for players in southern Mississippi to play with. Ever since I moved I have not gotten a single game of KoW in. Message me here or email me at if you are Interested in playing in the area.

I’m in the northernmost part of Mississippi. I haven’t ever heard of more MS based players.

I know there’s a fellow in Jackson trying to build a scene, although that’s probably not very helpful either.

Unfortunately no. I would be willing to drive an hour or so but at that point I would probably just drive to Huntsville and play with my old group.

I have asked around the stores here and I usually get the “what’s that?” answer.

I would suggest joining the KoW Fanatics group on Facebook. I am not much of one for social media usually but the first day I joined I posted something and had several veteran members asking around for me to see if there was a group in my area. Might help you out. Looks like i am going to have to try and convert some GW guys down here and hopefully they have some old fantasy armies laying around.

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I’ve got a group in Memphis (20 mins) and play with them. I’ve always just been kinda bummed that we don’t have a MS scene.

Yeah unfortunate part of such a large (sizewise) country. Not like the UK where it’s pretty hard not to find a group within an hour.