Sparowl's Undead Army (more or less complete)

There’s a lot of pictures. I’m also terrible at photography. Be prepared. You have been warned.

I did miniature gaming back in the day (Warhammer, Warmachine, etc.), but had drifted away from it for a bit. As Covid locked me in home, I decided to try and pick up another game, and the local scene had a decent Kings of War following. Given that I had a 3d printer, the model agnostic side of thing was great, and I settled into building, painting, and playing Undead.

I believe I printed the first model for this army in Dec 2020. The entire army was printed in my home. The bases are either commercial STLs, or are images I took (either from real life or from RPG battle mats) and converted into lithophanes, then into STLs to be printed.

The first unit was my “Zombie Trolls” which are the Frankenstein’s monsters. I really liked the minis for that, and thought they’d mimic the feel of Zombie Trolls. Originally they were pretty small - those are 150% of the normal files. I then filled in a little diorama in the back of each unit - one of the things I really enjoy doing in KoW.
From there I spread out into a “Mad scientist lair” kind of theme. Underground rivers of slime, weird monsters, etc. Mr. Hyde appears as a Goreblight, I use little Mad Scientists as Necromancers.

I also decided I wanted my units to have name plates. Unfortunately, I decided that after I’d built most of it, so they stick out a little to the front. I’ve made a few future bases that incorporate the name plate into the front, leaving only the very tiny middle tab sticking out, but I don’t think I’m going to go back and redo all of them.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how it looks, and largely how it functions on the table - I ran an almost all Zombie list for awhile (Zombies, Zombie Trolls, Goreblights filling out a large part of the list), before slowly moving to try other things. Our other local Undead player uses almost no zombies or surge, so it was fun having two people playing the same army, but wildly different (for instance, I’ve never tried out Soulreavers, whereas he loves them).

I’m posting all this now because I think it’s time to move onto a new project. While I enjoyed building and painting it all, I am no longer in love with playing them. I tried the Halfling beta list for awhile, and remembered that I enjoy speed and flying in mini games, and this simply doesn’t cut it. So, it is time to move to a new faction, and I figured I’d bid goodbye to the Undead with a photo gallery.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding printing/painting/playing, etc. I can’t promise quick or easy answers.

Hope you enjoy!

The whole army.

The original inspiration, and what started the entire theme.

Of course, they don’t get very far without some trusty Necromancers. Prof Hap tends to have the Inspiring Talisman, which is why I made him a Professor instead of a Doctor.

My Revenant Kings.

Revenant King on Undead Great Flying Wyrm

I also made the wings detachable, for gameplay and transport purposes.

I love these little guys. Mr Hyde, The Muscle, and The Cage are all Goreblights. My high score is 15 wounds from Cloak of Death over one game.

Deathpack - I think I only used them a few times.

Wights. I wanted them rising from the waters, kind of a misty ghost within the fog of the sewers.

Zombies. One horde, two regiments. They do pretty much what I need.

Wraiths. They never got nameplates, but were in most of my lists. Among all the units, this one breaks PMC the most, but they’re hefty models and I’ve never had anyone really confused at the table.

Honorable Mention:

Another unit of Wights and Werewolves I had done up in alternate basing, plus some Balefire catapults I tried (didn’t enjoy playing them), and finally a “Vampire on undead Pegasus”


Wowza! Well done! :muscle:

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This is an amazing army @Sparowl, so full of life and character (unusual for a dead army!).

I love the little lab assistants cleaning up the place on the zombie trolls, 50:50 Igor and minion!


Thanks! I love multibasing for that. Being able to make little scenes really gets me into the units. For my next army, I’ve already down digital mock ups of how I want them to look, so I can plan out the look of the unit and figure out characterful things to add.


Thst is a stunning army!

What is next if I may ask?


Thanks so much!

Nightstalkers - here’s a mock up I did of a unit of Butchers -

The wood paneling will be across the entire base, I just didn’t bother doing it perfectly. I just wanted a general idea.


I have nightstalkers!
If you like a dark theme along with flying and speed then it’s a good choice.

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What a fantastic looking army!
And welcome to the forum btw!


Wow!, Awesome

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Great army! Nice work on the print, paint, sculpt selection, etc. Fun to play ‘spot the sculpt’ - I have about 50% of these myself but there’s plenty I’ve never seen before (including the ones you scanned??? was that mostly basing material?)

Comp-wise I really dig the triple Goreblights :skull:

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What an amazing army. Beautiful painting and the bases are amazing - I love the name plates. The colours pop on every miniature.

It looks like a labour of love.

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Thanks! I’ve lurked for awhile. Just didn’t have a reason to post until now.

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I like playing “spot the sculpt” in other forums and the reddits. It’s a fun game. If there’s any you have questions on, I’m happy to try to hunt down the original creator for you to check out.

The basing is mostly RPG maps that I clipped, then used the art to make Lithophanes. It’s a fun process.

I have gone back and forth on whether 2 or 3 is better. I love the 50mm monsters, but cloak of death starts having trouble overlapping.

On the other hand, they are solid little anvils (same defensive stats as zombie trolls and other large infantry), and I regularly put them into something, then disengage the next turn, pivot, walk 6"…and surge into the flank of something.

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I’m slightly color blind, so I tend towards high contrast with vibrant color so I can see what I’m doing. I can blend a little more subtly, but I’m doing it by direction/instruction (i…e, moving carefully up through color lines), rather then being able to see it, and sometimes that leads to mistakes that I just can’t see I made.

So my style tends to be a little brighter and sharper. Which works for tabletop painting, where you’re seeing it from a few feet away anyway, right?


And I’m certainly leaning heavily into those things. Dark theme, and my projected list is about half spd 10 flying (Phantoms, Void Lurkers, Soulflayers), the other units being Scarecrows and Butchers for some beef. And some Mind Screeches.

Actually, that’s pretty much the list.

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This is the most delightful themed undead army I have seen in a long long time! Fantastic work!


Thanks! It developed somewhat organically, and several of the upgrades throughtout (like the nameplates) are things that if I were to do again, I could incorporate into base design and whatnot, which would come out cleaner. Lots of experimentation - water effects, basing techniques, etc.

All that being said, I’m very pleased.


Amazing work!

Where’d you get the catapults?


Thingiverse object 3917478 - completely free

They were one of the things that didn’t quite fit my theme, but I wanted to try them out. Then I didn’t like them on the table (I’m just not an artillery person in game - ironically, since I worked with artillery for a living back in the day), so I never went back and figured out a way to theme them up (or even base them).

And thanks!

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Your armiy appears in the newest Community Update by @SteveDeathByDragons. And rightly so! Congratulations!