Spell Attack Modifiers

With spell hitting on a +4 unless stated otherwise.

  1. I was wondering, if fireball, which is said to hit on +5 against units in cover or with stealthy, would it hit on 6 if a unit was both in cover and had stealthy?

  2. If the target of fire ball was an individual, in cover, and with stealthy, would the opponent then half the dice and hit on 6 because of the -1 modifier for shooting an individual?

  3. Are spell affected by the -1 modifier for shooting individuals?

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Fireball is only affected by Cover.
Stealthy and Individual don‘t because Fireball is a Spell.

So you hit either on 4+ or on 5+

I think only Spellward would affect it additionally.

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No to all 3. The penalty gor shooting individuals is one of the “normal shooting modifiers” that spells ignore.
Spells hit on 4+ unless it says otherwise in the spell table or a special ability mrntions spells specifically (like spellward).

Also stealthy. Says so in the spell table.

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